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1.         The Management Committee Meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad (ABPSSP) was held on 19-20 Jul’2014 at the premises of Bhuwal Mata Mandir, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.  The meeting was presided over by the National President, Lt. Gen V M Patil  PVSM, AVSM, and was conducted by the National Gen. Secretary, Brig S.C. Sareen.  Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad National Marg Darshak Shri Indresh Kumar Ji was present. The meeting was attended by members of the ABPSSP Management Committee and office bearers of States/ Prants bodies.  The total strength of participants was 76 including one lady Smt Prabha Yadav.

Inaugural Session

2.         The inaugural session started with ‘Bharat Mata’ Pujan and Deep Prajwalan by the National President, National Marg Darshak and other distinguished participants.  This was followed by singing of the National Song ‘Vande Mataram’ by all participants.  Shri Virender Singh Shekhawat, Gen Secretary, Rajasthan State welcomed all the participants attending the Meet.  He wished everyone a comfortable & enjoyable stay at Jodhpur.

3.         Col MC Gandhi the General Secretary (Org) started the Inaugural Session by introducing the senior members present in the meeting to the audience.  All Gen Secretaries of States/ Prants had earlier submitted their reports to Col MC Gandhi who further introduced the member participants state wise to all present.

4.         Brig SC Sareen explained the programme for conduct of the meeting along with last minute changes made in it.  He stressed on the participants the need to be precise and brief while presenting their views to the chair.   

Session No. 1: Address by the National President

5.         Lt. Gen V M Patil, PVSM, AVSM, in his address thanked the Rajasthan unit and Jodhpur team for the excellent arrangements made at Jodhpur.  He welcomed all the participants.     He congratulated all present for the recent BJP victory in Lok Sabha elections and praised the efforts put in by the members at State and District levels.  He further pointed towards our responsibilities to the Nation and Society.

6.         Talking of discussions and criticism of government appearing on paid news channels, the President advised all members to form their views carefully as the new government needs time to settle down; and to meet their election promises.  We should be patient especially on the issue of ‘One Rank One Pension.’

7.         He wanted members to review their progress in last 2 to 3 years.  He mentioned the names of members who have done commendable work in the last few years, viz- Maj Gen NN Gupta, Col MC Gandhi, Shri Vijay Kumar, Col DB Singh and Gp Capt Suhas Phatak.  He said that ESMs should realize that after retirement all of us cannot be given another government job.  We should look for avenues of skill development and self employment.  In politics, participation at Gram/Village level should be encouraged.  We should develop a vision for the next 5 years, discuss it in depth and finalize your targets.   We should aim at making new members especially the ESM below 50 years of age and develop our 2nd/3rd tier leadership. 

Session No.2: Address by the National Marg Darshak 

8.         He spoke of the resounding election victory of the BJP and the popularity of Modi Government.  He hoped that the present government will achieve its stated objectives and praised the steps taken and policies adopted by it.  He said that the swearing in ceremony was attended by representatives of 70 or more nations which show the importance being given to the new government by other nations.  The PM’s desire that no close relative of any MP/MLA should be appointed by the MP/MLA to any government post will create an atmosphere of honest working .  He said that our expectations from the government are much higher vis-a-vis our own commitments to help the government to achieve a clean administration.  Time is required by the Government to make the promised changes. 

9.         He said that there is a demand for amending Article 370 of the Constitution related to J&K.  He stressed on the need for holding impartial discussions on Article 370.  It must be analyzed and evaluated. We must know “What we have achieved and what we have lost” due to this Article.  The issues should be discussed with Muslim leaders, also. 

A final stand on removal or amending of Article 370 should be taken only after a favourable atmosphere is created.  Some people are insisting on re-adopting ‘The Panchsheel Agreement’ with China, but it should be realized that this is a dead agreement as China discarded it long ago in 1962 and has shown no respect towards it since then.  In answer to a question about Koran, computerization and cow slaughter, he said that computerization should be done with proper education of the society. He said that Koran teachings are not for cow slaughter and it has to be strongly discouraged.  Most of our Muslim and Christian population are convertees and will be amenable to reasoning on these issues.

10.       The PSSP is not in the list of NGOs in Ministry of Defence.  We are not being invited to participate in the discussions on various ESM welfare measures.  The Parishad should make efforts to get it included and be able to put up our views on the matters concerning ESM.              

Session No. 3: Passing of Minutes of the previous Meeting & the Statement of the Account for the FY 2013-14   

11.       Confirmation of Minutes of the Previous Meeting.  Brig SC Sareen circulated copies of minutes of the previous meeting, to all members and gave progress made on salient issues raised at Hyderabad. There being no observation, the same were passed, unanimously, after being duly proposed by AVM RK Dixit VSM, and seconded by Lt Col VPS Yadav.

12.       Confirmation of Statement of the Accounts for the Financial Year 2013-14.  Gp. Capt NK Singh, Treasurer, ABPSSP circulated copies of the audited accounts for the financial year 2013-14 to all the members and read out its salient features.  The accounts were passed, unanimously.

Session No. 4: Reports by States/ Prants

13.       Reports by States / Prants. Col M C Gandhi conducted this session and called upon the gen secys of States/Prants to present their reports.  The reports from the States/Prants were read out by their respective gen secys as per the new format.  The reports were later compiled and the summary presented to the chair.

14.       Certain gen secys raised a few additional points, as mentioned below;

            a)         Col Ramdasan -Kerala.  Central/State governments had sanctioned an airport in the State covering areas with a number of ancient heritage temples.  It was felt that it was not necessary to destroy these temples for the proposed airport and Govt should find some alternate location.  An agitation was launched to cancel the sanction in which PSSP participated actively.  The sanction was finally withdrawn by the State Govt.

b)         Gp Capt Suhas Phatak -Maharashtra.  Maharashtra members have started mutually greeting each other with VandeMataram.  A felicitation programme for Maj Dhanpalan (IV Pay Commission Rank Pay Case) is being organized by Maharashtra unit, shortly.  Revised PPOs for all pensioners are being placed by CDA(P) on their site and can be downloaded.  He also informed the house that certain skilled jobs for ESMs below 45 years, are available in Kuwait and interested members can contact him.

c)         Col DK Bhardwaj -Harayana.  Volunteers from Harayana unit had joined Sangh Pariwar for the social work done by them during Kedarnath tragedy.  He informed the house about detail of their work.

e)         Sgt Ramesh Pandey –Mahakaushal(MP).  Mahakaushal unit of MP State has started celebrating Shaheed (Shahadat) Diwas for their ESMs who died during various operations.  A team of local unit members visit the families of ESM, facilitate them and hold a small function at their residence on the Shahadat day.

  Session No. 5: Revitalizing the field ‘Karyakarta’ (Worker)

15.       Karyakarta Abhyas Varg.  Col MC Gandhi informed the house that a revitalizing programme for our field work volunteers is being held at Jaisalmer from 06- 07Sep’2014. The Participants were requested to report there by 05th evening.  The programme will end after 07th lunch.  Maximum members should attend the programme.  A copy of the circular to this effect was given to all present for their further action.

16.       Management of Personal Finances.  Wg Cdr PL Mahindroo gave a talk on the subject. He enumerated and explained various options for personal savings such as PPF, Share market, Mutual funds, Insurance, Fixed deposits in Banks and Property.  He rated PPF as the best option for all and property (Own house) for the late starters who do not own a house of their own, as yet.  

17.       Parishad Cap.  Brig SC Sareen showed three samples of  Parishad Caps with him and asked for member’s recommendations.  The Cap made with three colours (Army, Navy and Airforce) and with a PSSP badge was generally accepted.

Session No. 6: Zonal Coordination Meets.

18.       Zonal Coordination Meets were held in four groups headed by the senior officers, as under:

            a)         Northern Zone and Western Zone.   Maj Gen NN Gupta assisted, by Cpl Vijay Bokil.

            b)         Central Zone.   AVM RK Dixit, VSM, assisted by JWO Prahlad Singh.

            c)         Eastern Zone.  Col MC Gandhi

            d)         Southern Zone.  Col Ramdasan

Issues raised by the members were discussed.  The officers pleading each zone will consolidate points of general interest and submit the same to the chair, with their recommendations.

Session No. 7: Activities of Prakalps

19.       Shraddhanjali.  The second day session started with a Shraddhanjali to our veterans who passed away during the last one year .  This was conducted by Col MC Gandhi.  One minute silence was observed in their honour. Names included late Lt Gen R P Aggarwal PVSM, AVSM, late Maj Rohit Seth VrC, Shri Rakesh Kumar Ji Sang Pracharak.

20.       Sainik Pariwar Kalyan Nyas (SPKN).  Gp Capt NK Singh informed the house that this year a sum of Rs.3.65 lakhs has been distributed amongst 51 students who were selected for the scholarship. Twenty applications were rejected. He enumerated certain common mistakes in their applications.  He stated that the last date for submission of this year’s scholarships is 30th Sep2014.  He said that besides the scholarship, the Nyas also proposes to give financial aid to needy families under ‘Shaheed Pariwar Dekhbhal Yojana’.  Applications for this may also be forwarded.   

21.       Netaji Azad Hind Fauj Smarak Nyas (NAHFSN).  Wg Cdr PL Mahindroo informed the house that the Trust has Rs. 2.00 lakhs  in their funds. At present, there is no project in hand.  Shri Indresh Kumarji suggested the following projects to be undertaken :

            a)  Liaison with NGOs working on projects in the name of Netaji Subhash, and join in some of their activities.

            b)  23rd Jan is Netaji’s Birthday.  This could be celebrated as ‘Netaji Janmotsav’ by organizing events such as Geet Pratiyogita etc at State/Prant level such as Patriotic song competition.

            c)  Bal Sena / Netaji Youth Club could be formed at school / college level for impacting training. 

22.       Sainya Matrushakti.  Mrs Prabha Yadav presented the report.  Present strength of membership is 547.  Shri Indreshji desired that 18th Jun being Maharani Laxmibai Balidan Diwas, the same could be celebrated by Matrushakti at States/Prant level.

23.       Sainya Sandesh.  Col DB Singh gave progress of the magazine and its present state.  He informed that about 1000 copies are being printed out of which 960 are being distributed to members /institutions.  He said that the magazine has two sections, Hindi and English.  Hindi section consists of light and informative articles, stories/ poetry etc whereas English section consists of thought provoking articles on National issues.  Members wanted the full text of Govt/Min of Def and CDA policy letters on pension issues to be published.  It was also suggested that the News section be printed Zone-wise ie East, West, North and South.

Session No. 8: Yatras

24.       Moirang Utsav and Kargil Yatra.   The conduct of Moirang Utsav was described by Col MC Gandhi.  He asked for names of young volunteers to organize Moirang Utsav, in future.  He wanted the desirous participants for both the Yatras to submit their names through State/Prant by Sep/Oct each year.  The capacity of each yatra is limited to one Army Bus load (45 to 50) and is open for the ESMs and their wives only. 

25.       Brig SC Sareen informed the house that due to limited capacity we can mainly accommodate the first timers.  ESMs desirous of participating in the Yatra should indicate whether they are 1st timer, 2nd or 3rd timer.  After accommodating 1st timers,  if the capacity permits, others will also be considered. He said that next year he will issue the Yatra programmes on D-Day basis.  The D-Day will be given after details have been tied up with the concerned Army Authorities.   Moirang yatra will be controlled by Brig Govind Ji Mishra, VSM.  The Kargil yatra will be controlled by J&K State Executive Committee of PSSP.

Session No. 9: Coordination Meet

26.       Coordination meets were held for functional coordination and interaction of State/Prant level executives as under :

            a)  All Presidents of States/Prants with Maj Gen NN Gupta and Shri Indresh ji.

            b)  All General Secretaries and Secretaries with AVM RK Dixit VSM, Brig SC Sareen and Col MC Gandhi

            c)  All Treasurers with Gp Capt NK Singh and Shri Vijay Kumar Ji

27.       It was generally stressed that all office bearers should keep contact with their Sangh counter parts.  The Sangh Samanvay Baithaks should be attended regularly in order to keep abreast with their activities.  National Gen Secretary stressed the need of having E-Mail address of all.  This helps in speedy communication and spares us from loss of letters in transit.  

Session No. 10: Closing Session

28.       Closing Address by the National Marg Darshak.  Shri Indresh ji stressed on the need to bring  in young blood and give them responsibilities in the organization.  States/Prants could add appointments like Prachar Vibhag etc.  He suggested to observe 23Jan (Netaji Subhash Janmotsav) and 18Jun (Maharani Laxmibai Balidan Diwas) in States/Prants under the banners ‘Ek Bharat -Shreshth Bharat’ and ‘Shaurya Diwas’.  He respectively said that the atmosphere in the country has changed and is favourable to us.  We should contact Army/Civil authorities with our problems and resolve them. Indreshji suggested the followings:- 

            (a)        Consider and think about what have we gained/ lost due to Pachsheel.

            (b)        Consider and think about common civil code.

            (c)        Organise debates on relevance of Article 370 with their advantages and disadvantages within States/ Pranths.

            (d)        Report of our activities/ functions to be sent to PM, RM, Chief of all three Services and other important government functionaries who may be of some help to our organization.

            (e)        Celebrate 18th Jun as “Shorya Diwas’ being Memorial Day of Rani Jhansi.

            (f)        Due to change of power at the Centre, we can replace ESM employed at various Govt appointments in PSUs/ Nigams/ Corporations following the existing norms and rules.  This will be possible with a detailed study only.

29.       Closing Address by the National President.  As Lt Gen VM Patil had left the meeting earlier due to some other engagements, Senior Vice President Maj Gen NN Gupta conducted the closing session.  He thanked Shri Indreshji for his presence and able guidance.  He also thanked the members for their active participation.  He further thanked the Jodhpur unit for making excellent arrangements and the Bhuwal Mata Mandir Trust for lending their premises to us for holding the meet.  In his address, he wanted suggestions for ‘Vision of PSSP’.  He asked members to send their views by 31Aug14.  He said that for obtaining recognition from Govt we need strength of over one lakh and desired States/Prants should earnestly work towards it.  He desired that distt. level offices should be established for smooth functioning and funds should be raised through donations.  Income tax concession under Sec 80G could be availed through SPKN.

30.       Before closing of the meet, Brig SC Sareen announced that the next Annual Gen Meeting will be held in Feb’2015 at Vadodara or Rishikesh.  Details will be intimated later.

Session No. 11: Public Function

31.       At the end of the meeting, Jodhpur unit held a Public Function where they invited their families as well.  The meeting was conducted by Distt. President Jodhpur, Capt. Ummed Singh Rathore, SM.  Other invitees were President of Bhuval Mandir Trust Shri Amrut Jain and Jodhpur MP Shri Gajendra Singh.   The VIPs were honored by presenting Jodhpury Pagdi and a Momento.  The assembly was addressed by Shri Indresh ji, Maj Gen NN Gupta and Shri Amrut Jain and Jodhpur MP Shri Gajendra Singh.  At the end  Hony Capt. Ummed Singh Rathore SM, thanked all for participates.

Yours sincerely,



 Brig S C Sareen (Retd)

National Gen Secy, ABPSSP


Dated:  14 Sept 2014



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  3. Presidents and Gen Secretaries of State/ Pranth.
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