» Our Vision

We firmly believe that the collective energy and competence of Ex-servicemen can be gainfully utilized for national reconstruction. Various constituents of ABPSSP have put their hearts and souls to work for the day when Ex-servicemen will count amongst the pillars of national honour.

Expansion of the ABPSSP organisation at the State level down to Pranth & District levels in the next three to five years and further down to Sub-Division/ Tehsil/ Taluka level in the next ten years, to cover all the State/UTs in the country.

Increase membership of the ABPSSP by all the States at the rate of a minimum of ten per cent each year, for the next five years and more there after, to attain a desirable strength of one lac (1, 00,000) in the next ten years. ( Also see Para 9 below)

Prepare a set of trained/ groomed important office bearers (Volunteer) at all levels in the next three years to take over the organizational reins from the elderly ones who have been steering the ABPSSP organisation admirably well for the last one and half decade.

Enlarge the scope of activities of the Sainik Parivar Kalyan Nyas (SPKN) from mainly ‘Scholarship’, at present, by focusing on the more meaningful welfare activities, eg- Monetary grants to the needy widows of ESM, for marriage of their daughters (including remarriage of widowed ones) and to the handicapped ESM and their dependants.

Increase the focus of the ABPSSP on ‘Sainik connected ( ) Aspect by better and closer interaction with the Rajya Sainik Board and its units at the State/ District levels and also inculcating a sense of Good Citizenship’ amongst ESM to start with and, subsequently through them, bring all other citizens/ the society in general under this programme, in their respective areas of influence.

Initiate steps for amalgamation of the existing smaller ESM organisation under the umbrellas of bigger organizations with the aim of increasing clout of such organizations to active greater success in the acceptance of our common long outstanding demands by the Governments.

Improve the effectiveness of the existing ( System of Touring), to make it more result oriented by preparing a well thought-out GUIDELINES for Pravas, as also, enhancing the budgetary allocation for the purpose besides involving even Senior Rank Officers – Brigadiers/ General Officers and their equivalent, in this activity, for greater impact.

Initiate meaningful measures to enhance the existing/ financial resources of the ABPSSP which are at present largely if not entirely, based on interest accrued income, by:-

  • Introducing a voluntary scheme of DONATIONS to be made by all members of the ABPSSP of an amount (as per their wishes) to their organisation each year, on a particular occasion/ function eg- VIJAYA DIWAS, arranged for the purpose.

  • Arrange to get larger donations from the non-ABPSSP organizations/ individuals through personal liaison and well planned ‘PR’ for the ABPSSP.

  • Also see paragraph 9 below

Enhance closer interaction of the ABPSSP with the Serving personnel of the three Defence Services and Para Military Forces, as also, other Defence Oriented Organizations, such as DRDO/ DGOF/ GREF/ MES etc with a view to enroll them, on retirement, as a member of the ABPSSP with a view to increase its membership and widen the base, there by, enhancing its clout, as also, the finances.

Establish an office for all the ABPSSP’s units/ headquarter at various levels in a suitable accommodation in an appropriate location in the next five to ten years.