Akhil Bhartiya Poorva Sainik Sewa Parishad (ABPSSP) a non-Governmental Organization, engaged in activities for National upliftment and welfare of ex- servicemen, in year 2001 created a trust by name of SAINIK PARIWAR KALYAN NYAS (SPKN) primarily to look after welfare of families of ex-servicemen especially those who sacrificed their lives during war/counter insurgency and those who have since expired.



The trust is supervised, administered and controlled by a board of trustees consisting of a Chairman, a vice-chairman, a Secretary, a treasurer and trustees. The trustees automatically retire after 3 years, unless reappointed. Majority of Trustees are ex- servicemen.


  • The trust provides financial assistance to the wards of ex-servicemen for their continued college education and to deserving wards for professional/technical courses. To this end scholarships of varying amount is given to eligible wards m of ex-servicemen with priority the to wards of war/counter insurgency casualties and those ex-servicemen who have since deceased.
  • The Trust has established a hostel at Sikar (Rajasthan) for the wards of deceased ex-servicemen studying in junior classes.
  • The Trust provides financial assistance, as needed, to indigent ex-servicemen, their widows and dependants.
  • The trust is also planning to start a training programme for the wards of ex- servicemen to prepare them for higher technical/professional education and induction into Administrative services and Armed forces. To this end the Trust is planning, subject to availability of funds, to start a hostel cum training institute at a suitable location.

Objective of Trust

  • To provide assistance for continued education to and act as a 'service provider' by appointing a suitable guardian for the children of the sainiks deceased whilst in harness.
  • To provide assistance in admission of such student in hostels, where necessary.
  • To provide assistance in admission of such student in vocational training institutions.
  • To provide assistance in solemnizing of marriages of daughters of the Sainiks killed whilst in service.
  • To provide assistance to secure/obtain jobs for Sainik's widows, daughters and dependent sons so as to help their resettlement.
  • To render all possible assistance/help in obtaining assistance, entitlements and benefits sanctioned by the central or state governments and by various other non-governmental bodies/organization to the entitled widows, their children and dependents, if any, of all categories of Sainiks.
  • To provide financial help to the families of Sainiks in their resettlement, who die or are invalidated during harness or are medically boarded out.
  • To advise and assist in making investment of monetary assistance amounts (grants/gratuity/provident funds/insurance amounts/pensionary benefits or donations etc.) in safe schemes of government, banks, UTI, LIC etc. so as to ensure its proper utilization ensuring adequate and reasonable return by way of interest/dividend for the benefit of the family members of the Sainik.
  • To open/construct hostel/hostels for the children of dependents of Sainik receiving assistance under provisions of the trust to ensure their continued education at an appropriate level.
  • To take all such steps and to do all such acts as may be considered necessary and appropriate to propagate the stated objects of this trust for the benefits of disabled Sainik's widows, their children or dependents, as the case may be.
  • For furtherance of the objects enumerated above, to undertake, organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses, training programs, lectures and workshops and such other activities.
  • For the furtherance of the objects enumerated above to maintain liaison with professional institutions and educational training bodies in various parts of the world.
  • To act in collaboration with Central and States Governments and other appropriate agencies for formulation and execution of projects which would further the objects as set out above and to accept any grants or funds and donations for the said purpose.
  • To act as a clearing house of information for various individuals, institutions or other persons interested in the activities listed above.
  • To provide consultancy service under its auspices or through its faculty to public or private institutions to further the cause of the objects enumerated above.
  • To endeavour to establish and maintain liaison with other associations organized bodies in India or abroad whose objects are in keeping with the objects of this Trust.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire, hold, possess and dispose of any movable or immovable property which may be deemed necessary, expedient or desirable for any of the objects of this Trust.
  • To enter into arrangements, amalgamation with any other association, institution, societiy or Trust having objects similar to this Trust.

Our Request

This trust has undertaken to help the needy ex-servicemen to the extent resources permit. Since its inception in 2001 the trust has been providing helping hand to ex-servicemen to the extent resources permitted. In this academic year 2008-09 the trust has distributed Rs.490,000/- as scholarship and grants to hostel for children of deceased ex-servicemen benefiting a total of 97 children. We know this effort is just a drop in the ocean and much more needs to be done, but unfortunately our hands are tied due to shortage of funds.

The trust also wants to start an institution to coach eligible wards of ex-servicemen for Technical/Administrative services and officers for Armed Forces. For this funds are needed. We, therefore, exhort all to donate generously for this cause. Benefits of sec 80G (5) (vi) of Income Tax Act of 1961 are available for all donations to the Trust.. Please send your cheques/drafts PAYABLE at New Delhi, India in the name of SAINIK PARIWAR KALYAN NYAS at the address

Secretary, Sainik Pariwar Kalyan Nyas,
Site 11 Plot No. 8 (LGF),
(Near Main Post Office)
West Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110008 (INDIA)
Tele fax: 91-11-25881856, Tel: 91-11-45093460

You may also send your contribution direct to our bankers:

Punjab National Bank

10, West Patel Nagar, Main Road
New Delhi-110008
Savings Bank Account no. 3071000100243195

With intimation to the secretary.

“We once again request you all to generously help us to enable this organisation in assisting of ex-servicemen and to provide good education and upbringing to their progeny.”