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(A registered Organization of Ex Servicemen dedicated to nation)

Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registration No. S35592 of 1999



The last of the three main objectives of Akhil Bharitya Poorva Sainik Parishad is ‘Settlement of ESM with honour and dignity in post-retirement life’. VIR SAINIK GRAM GAURAV YOJNA (VSGGY) is an important programme which contributes to enhancement of the prestige, dignity and honour of ESM, in the selected villages, under this Scheme.  To keep the memory alive of those brave soldiers who are decorated for gallant actions in active operations, both during war and peace, a function is organised  in their respective birth place, each year, on the particular day of their gallant action, under the aegis of this scheme.  The inspiration for organising such a programme came from a similar function organised by a sister organisation.  The need for organising appropriate functions to honour our War Heroes/ Gallantry Award Winer/ Martyrs finds a special mention in the ABPSSP’s constitution. The thinking behind this idea was that the process of bringing about much needed upliftment of the concerned villages will commence through this programme by way of improvement of basic facilities/ amenities, development and bring about social changes.


To implement the above stated theme, ABPSSP, for the first time, selected the Village- HEMA – BANSI (District Ghazipur) in UP, the birth place of Naik RAM UGRA PANDEY of the Brigade of Guards.   He was martyred during Indo-Pak War-1971 and was honoured posthumously, with the second highest gallantry award Maha Vir Chakra (MVC), to start with, an appropriate function was organised in his village, in 1988, under this scheme.


Thirteen (13) such villages, spread across several states in the country have since been included under this scheme.  The details of these villages are mentioned below:-



Following villages were adopted under this scheme.


S.No.    Village                                  Distt State                                                          In Memory of the Martyr/ Vir SainikLook after by

1.             Hema-Bansi,                       Distt- Gazipur   UP                                                    -   Nk Ram Ugra Pandey, MVC (Posthumous)- JWO Prahlad Singh

2.            Jari,                                       Distt- Gumla Jharkhand                                           -   Nk Albert Ekka, PVC (Posthumous)- Yashwant Singh

3.            Beri,                                      Distt- Jhunjhunu Rajasthan                                     -   Hav Peru Singh, PVC (Posthumous)- Hon /Capt Ummed Singh

4.           Brikamila,                            Distt- Jammu J & K                                                    -   Hon/ Capt Sansar Chand, MVC - Gp Capt Sharma

5.           Dhandhuri                           Distt- Jhunjhunu Rajasthan                                     -   Maj M H Khan VrC(Posthumous)- Hon /Capt Ummed Singh

6.           Chepado                               Distt- Chamoli Uttrakhand                                       -   Nk Bhawani Prasad Joshi, AC (Posthumous)- Nb Sub G K Barthwal

7.           Amlela                                  Distt-  Kangra HP                                                        -   Naik Megh Raj, VrC(Posthumous)- Sub Roop Chand

8.          Fatehpur                               Distt – Baghpat UP                                                     -   Maj Asha Ram Tyagi MVC, VrC (Posthumous)-Brij Bhusan Aggarwal

9.          Sangwali                               Distt- Samba  J&K                                                       -   Lt Sushil Khajuria VrC (Posthumous)- Sgt Ram Khajuria

10.        Morangana                          Distt- Kavath Gujarat                                                 -   Hav Rathwa Gordhan Bhai Kalji Bhai, SC (Posthumous)- Sgt Yagna Datta Dave

11.        Lalpur                                   Distt- Fatehpur UP                                                       -  Sep Daya Shanker Shukla, KC (Posthumous)- Sub Awasthi

12.       Dubganwa                            Distt- Rewa MP                                                             - Maj Ashish Dube, SM (Posthumous)- Sgt Ramesh Pandey

13.       Derva                                    Distt - Rewa MP                                                            - Nk Kalu Prasad Pandey, SM (Posthumous)- Sgt Ramesh Pandey


Veer Sainik Gram Gaurav Yojna